Need for Counselling

Career counselling is the systematic process of analysing the student’s and professional’s strengths

Interest, skills and abilities, and mapping it with the right career option and education. Everyone requires career guidance at some point in their lives. A professionally trained career counsellor guides the student to find the most suitable career path. Having a past experience of not finding the correct guidance when needed, Nithya does not wish for anyone to look back and think they could have done things differently.Many people suffer from job dissatisfaction because the job they do, does not appeal to them emotionally or financially.
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Many students do not fair well in certain subjects because they are better at something else. A student who does really well in languages might not fare that well in STEM because his brain is programmed to comprehend languages better than numbers. A student who is exceptional at Math would not have the patience to read pages and pages of literature. Each individual is different, emotionally, mentally, intellectually and everything is interconnected. Addressing them holistically and then helping individuals choose a career that would make them happy is a blessing in itself. And this is where counselling comes in to place.
With the education sector growing at a fast pace, there are many options for a child to choose from. Career choice begins from choosing the right board for a child. Each board has a different standard which will be apt for some children while difficult or less challenging for others. Choosing the right board for a child is the building block to their career path. Many students are also either overwhelmed by the options in career or lack awareness. Therefore, counselling is imperative to a student in various stages right from kindergarten to 12th and beyond to ensure they take the right decision for their future.