About Holistic Career Guidance
"Holistic" means parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole. The career that you decide to follow is intimately interconnected to not just the subjects you pursue in school but also to the mental, emotional, economic and social factors. As the name suggests, we provide the best holistic career counselling in Bangalore. Our services include :
  • Deciding on the board for students in K-12
  • Stream selection for students between class 8th-10th
  • Career counselling for students in 11thand 12th
  • Student Profiling
  • Counselling on domestic as well as international universities
  • Visa application
  • Counselling on Career switch for working employees
We provide the resources and knowledge that a career expert possesses. The website is the perfect one-stop platform for students to explore various career avenues. With the help of Univariety, our experts will suggest the best career options from all the available and relevant options.
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About Nithya Raghunath
Nithya Raghunath is best career counsellor in Bangalore. Nithya Raghunath holds a PGDBM in HR, Marketing and International Business. She is a post graduate in child psychology, She also has certifications in Counselling Skills (Specializing in child and adolescent counselling) and Career Counselling from UCLA extension.
Nithya comes with a rich experience in Content Writing and research in various fields, the most relevant being in Child Psychology and Early Learning which piqued her interest in Counselling. She has been very particular to ensure every individual who looks for her counselling advice pursues their education and career with confidence and conviction that they have made the perfect choice.
In addition to her passion in research and counseling, Nithya also likes to write, cycle and dabble in photography. She also likes to spend time with little children, nature and animals. She has multiple blogs for each of her varied interests like Photography, Pets, Poetry, Fictional Writing and Professional Writing.